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12 CHR Music Format Clocks You Can Adjust & Apply Today [Download]

by Thomas Giger of www.radioiloveit.com Wanna’ revamp your Top 40 radio format music-wise? These 12 Contemporary Hit Radio music scheduling format clocks may help you get going. As a music director, you’re busy dealing with programming & music meetings, record labels, station events, and — last, but not least — your daily music scheduling duties, […]

Callout Research Tips Part 2: From Song List To Song Hooks

by Thomas Giger of www.radioiloveit.com Callout research not only tells you how your target audience feels about your main individual songs, but also about (the dynamics between) your essential music clusters. In our previous article in this series, we looked at setting up your callout research, including criteria to commission panel building or use live […]

Super Song Segues: Creating & Maintaining ‘Forward Flow’ In Music Logs

by Thomas Giger of www.radioiloveit.com Great music radio has great music flow. How to both sound amazing and increase TSL? That’s where super song segues come into play! A segue — from the Italian segue [se:ɡwe], which means ‘follows’ — is what Wikipedia calls ‘a smooth transition from one topic or section to the next’. Segues are obviously […]

From Europe with Love: 10 Ways We Achieve Music Variety Despite Genre Quotas

by Thomas Giger of www.radioiloveit.com Achieving quotas can be a serious challenge for radio stations. Luckily, there are many ways we use our music quota rules for maximum advantage. ‘Make the best of existing music quota’ Know your format regulations Maintaining cultural heritage; ensuring format variety; supporting record companies; protecting public radio / restricting commercial […]

How To Make Your TOP 40 Radio Station A Massive Hit

Rolling format clocks for less predictive positions and maintaining genre balance for more satisfied audiences matters in scheduling music for Top 40 radio stations. Music scheduling for Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) formats causes an interesting challenge: how to create enough variety despite a limited playlist? Consultant Robert Johansson likes to use various clock grids for better song rotations, […]

Clockin’ Around The Christmas Tree: Holiday Music Scheduling Tips

by Thomas Giger of www.radioiloveit.com It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas :-). Time to double-check your holiday library coding & categories, and fine-tune your Christmas format rotations & clocks. If your station is like most, you’ll launch your holiday music format somewhere between (American) Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Assuming you already know which songs […]