Powergold has long been recognized as the industry’s fastest, most intuitive music scheduling software. It is the first choice of the world’s finest music technicians, making it the programmer’s programming software. Powergold’s intelligent programming tools are not only smarter than the competition, they also help you work faster and more creatively. And that means a superior music experience for you and your audience.

Powergold 12 – Smart, Fast, Intuitive

Powergold continues to set the standard for music programming tools. Our powerful scheduling logic significantly simplifies your work and guarantees your best music schedules ever. With sleek editors, an enhanced clock interface, and the industry’s most innovative features, you can achieve excellence in your music programming. Download the demo or upgrade today and experience the Powergold difference for yourself.

Powergold Collective Suite™ – For Multiple Users and Multiple Stations

Powergold revolutionizes cross-station collaboration, enabling you to share individual scheduling activity across your entire network. Whether you have multiple team members scheduling one station, or you need to manage the music flow for multiple stations, Powergold makes the process easy to manage.

Collective Server™ for Multiple Users

Powergold’s Collective Server™ delivers real-time peace of mind for you. This always-on Microsoft Windows service monitors your database and delivers notifications when a log has changed or an hour has been locked, regardless of how many people are editing and even when modifying hours within the same schedule. Proximity alerts also ensure users know when days outside the current schedule are being modified. This helps prevent scheduling conflicts for your station.

Collective Database™ for Multiple Stations

Take multi-station protection to a whole new level with Collective Database™. This Microsoft SQL Server database facilitates real-time communication across all databases, allowing rule checks for both horizontal protection and separation. The result? No more broadcast overlaps among your stations.

Powergold just became even faster and easier to use, with new enhancements

designed to help you achieve music schedules that are perfect for your needs.