Understand Music Research

Being a great music programmer is not just about making your scheduling software ‘sing’. You also need the ability to interpret research in order to fully understand what your listeners want to hear on your station. Examining the variety of data and information freely available from other sources and media will only take you so far. When you want to up the ratings and steal listening from your competitors you need data and analysis specifically tailored to your station. A consultant will assist you to analyze data from music tests or, if budgets demand, you can try to analyse the results yourself. There’s a lot to interpret and you need to be able to identify the key results which will match and enhance your specific station’s format.

In this third article from Ryan Media and Research in the UK, leading radio consultant Stephen Ryan suggests ‘Not One Size Fits All’. Ryan takes a look at how to collate data and how to make sense of it. With tips on how to schedule your core songs while making good use of more difficult material, this excellent third article will help you to better understand music research in order to maximize your strategic planning.

This article is reproduced with thanks to Ryan Media and Research Ltd, and Radio ILOVEIT. Don’t forget, to get the most out of Powergold 12 there are over thirty excellent articles on the subject of Music Scheduling on their site.

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Context Is King

We’ve received some great feedback on our new ‘Snapshot’ and ‘Peek’ features found in the latest version of Powergold 12.

If you’ve yet to update or grab your free demo, here’s just some of the reasons why these two great features may work for you.

Snapshot. As the name suggest, think of ‘snapshots’ as a photograph. It’s the complete state of your music log at a certain moment in time.

A snapshot is a small file containing every item of detail from a schedule log.

A snapshot can be created manually or automatically. In automatic mode we provide settings that help you capture your log at the optimum moment.

With a snapshot you can ‘peek’ and compare selected days in the scheduler. Let’s say you have a special Saturday morning sequence. Now you can load up last Saturday and compare as you build your current Saturday programming! This is much more than single song history play…it’s all songs, all items available in a compact, ‘at a glance’ sequence, helping you to build a better log. Enjoy true song ‘context’ in the Schedule Editor screen.

Snapshots are convenient too! Here’s just some of the reasons you’ll want to try this great feature:

Side by side scheduling!

Drag and drop from one a previous day into the current day!

Undo multiple positions!

Copy an hour, many hours or a whole day from one schedule to another in seconds!

Store years of music logs in one small folder!

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Timing Is Everything

One step on from our posting on making more appointments to listen is to actually reach those appointments on time. We all know that getting to the travel news two minutes late on morning drive can ruin somebody’s day, right? You want to respect the music too so fading a song is definitely out. So why do most music scheduling programs make it a mind twist to figure out sweep timing? Does replacing a scheduled song to get to that all important news junction on time really require a calculator? If you’re looking for new scheduling software for your station then we’ve got the features you need. Powergold 12 delivers on years of user feature requests from many of the biggest and best stations in the world. And we’d like to share them with you.

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