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Gradually, The ‘90s Come To Adult Contemporary

By Sean Ross For a long time, the ‘90s were an almost non-existent decade at Adult Contemporary radio. The challenges were the same as ‘90s product on the radio in general. There had been relatively few consensus hits in the ‘90s, at least until Top 40’s late ‘90s comeback. Much of the Modern AC/singer-songwriter product […]

When Tempo Shifts Gears

(Or “When Songs Aren’t Always In A [Single] Mood”)   By Sean Ross How do you code tempo and mood on a song that changes tempo eight times? Phenomenal in every other way as well, “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo is slow, but with a pulse, when it begins. Its longest section is the 45-second […]

What Is the Sweet Spot for CHR Power Rotation?

Over the years, it has been hard for radio programmers to know when they’re playing their power rotation songs too much. And for some, the prevailing “radio law” is that there’s no such thing. CHR programmers in America had long become used to a listener misperception that they played “the same songs on the hour […]

Rebuild Morning Drive, Don’t Move It To Middays

What do radio listeners want during the workday now? Do they want continuity? Do they want the morning show they’re not hearing anymore in the car on the way to work? I’ve been wondering for a few months now how the audience of the AC radio station I schedule is hearing the things I do. […]