Powergold has long been recognized as the industry’s fastest, most intuitive music scheduling software. It is the first choice of the world’s finest music technicians, making it the programmer’s programming software. Powergold’s intelligent programming tools are not only smarter than the competition, they also help you work faster and more creatively. And that means a superior music experience for you and your audience.

Powergold 12 – Smart, Fast, Intuitive

Powergold continues to set the standard for music programming tools. Our powerful scheduling logic significantly simplifies your work and guarantees your best music schedules ever. With sleek editors, an enhanced clock interface, and the industry’s most innovative features, you can achieve excellence in your music programming. Download the demo or upgrade today and experience the Powergold difference for yourself.

Powergold Collective Suite™ – For Multiple Users and Multiple Stations

Powergold revolutionizes cross-station collaboration, enabling you to share individual scheduling activity across your entire network. Whether you have multiple team members scheduling one station, or you need to manage the music flow for multiple stations, Powergold makes the process easy to manage.

Collective Server™ for Multiple Users

Powergold’s Collective Server™ delivers real-time peace of mind for you. This always-on Microsoft Windows service monitors your database and delivers notifications when a log has changed or an hour has been locked, regardless of how many people are editing and even when modifying hours within the same schedule. Proximity alerts also ensure users know when days outside the current schedule are being modified. This helps prevent scheduling conflicts for your station.

Collective Database™ for Multiple Stations

Take multi-station protection to a whole new level with Collective Database™. This Microsoft SQL Server database facilitates real-time communication across all databases, allowing rule checks for both horizontal protection and separation. The result? No more broadcast overlaps among your stations.

Key Features

  • Priority Rules™
    Enjoy unprecedented set-up and control of offsets and separations with Priority Rules™. Simply set a core value for more flexibility, defining which part of a rule is unbreakable, and let Powergold’s unique scaling component flex the rest.
  • Natural Flow™ Clocks
    Powergold has redefined clock management with Natural Flow™ clocks. Natural Flow™ keeps your rotations fresh for listeners, pinning down strategic positions, while Powergold fills the rest with random yet perfectly categorized clocks each hour. There are no repeats and no predictability. Natural Flow™ gives listeners variety, naturally.
  • Workflow Manager™
    Powergold’s Workflow Manager™ is a completely unique concept in music scheduling. This advanced interface displays all your tasks in one easy-to-view grid.  That means you can keep a close eye on everything from scheduling and reconciliation to printing. Featuring user-designed status indicators that allow for complete customization, Workflow Manager™ makes it easy to go with the flow.
  • Format Control™
    Format Control™ delivers one incredible interface to prepare your database for scheduling. Putting all the tools you need conveniently at your fingertips is yet another reason why Powergold is the most user-friendly scheduler in the industry.
  • Analysis
    Powergold’s Analysis suite enables you to run “what if” scenarios and edit clocks on-the-fly, all without impact to your live database.
  • Special Programming Tags
    Powergold lets you customize your programming as you go with Special Programming Tags. During scheduling, quickly remove any position and replace it with whatever you choose – all without changing the underlying clock.
  • Schedule Rule Statistics
    Create smarter schedules with Powergold‘s unique Schedule Rule Statistics report. Delivering concise feedback on the outputs of the process, this feature not only reveals conflicts in your schedule, but also details why they exist, so you can resolve them quickly.
  • Clock Layers
    When it comes to scheduling flexibility, nothing matches Clock Layers. The intuitive, easy-to-maintain layer makes creating a base clock, and then controlling elements such as specials, holidays or any other unique hourly content simple. When you flip or move entire sweeps, all the associated elements will travel with the categories. Combine Clock Layers with Special Programming Tags to provide even more flexibility to your schedules.
  • History Linking
    Multi-artist collaborations and remixes are easier to manage than ever with History Linking.  Each version of the same or related songs will be linked, creating a combined history for rule checking and other purposes, even as the songs remain separate.
  • Keywords
    Keywords gives you more category control, making difficult separations between songs, liners and promos a snap.
  • Instant Analysis
    Instant Analysis from Powergold delivers enhanced property management, whether it’s country of origin or format obligation information. With user-defined settings that permit real-time reporting across an hour – or a whole day – you will always meet important licensing targets.
  • Schedule Peek
    Schedule Peek from Powergold allows you to quickly view or grab an earlier iteration of a log from a previous day or week, even a scheduling sequence from another station, so you can optimize your time instead of duplicating tasks.

Powergold has long been recognized as the industry’s fastest, most intuitive music scheduling software. Those Who Try Powergold Get It!